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Technical Rider

This is the standard rider but adjustments may be necessary based on the size of the show room / venue / attendees. This rider is based on 4 musicians. Please note that if there are more musicians for a particular show or a larger sound system is needed to accommodate a large performance site, the rider will be adjusted as needed.

Sound Equipment Required:
(1) 16-channel powered mixer
(4) vocal mic's
(4) vocal boom -type mic stands
(1) guitar amp (for Lead Guitarist)
(1) instrument mic and short stand to mic the amp
(3) percussion mic's
(3) short boom type instrument mic stands for percussion
(4) floor monitors
(4) monitor mixes (2 for Tom & 2 for the other musicians)
(4) DI Boxes - (2 for Tom & 2 for the other musicians) (2) speakers with: two 15" speakers & a 2-inch driver in each one (minimum)

All the microphone cords, monitor cords and speaker cords etc. Sound Tech to set up and run the system throughout the show.

Lighting Requirements:
One Colored Spot Light for each Performer (minimum) Stage Size: 16 ft. deep X 32 ft. wide (stage size depends on venue)